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Should I upgrade my RAM/ SSD?

We all need our laptops or computer to be efficient and fast enough to keep up with our work or studying or simply be able to stream our favorite shows on Netflix or Amazon. A Laptop that freezes every 2 minutes can be infuriating and something that just ruins your whole day.

Upgrading your RAM means that your programs will load faster and run faster this also means that you will be able to do more at once with your computer and when this happens your productivity will also increase because you are now able to do more with your laptop.

1. Faster programs

The main benefit of upgrading your RAM is that you will be able to do everything faster, and in this day and age, there is nothing better than getting the things you need faster than before. So, is it worth it to upgrade your RAM? There are only benefits to upgrading the RAM of your laptop. Think of a situation where you have had your laptop for a while now but it freezes every time you try and open more than two programs, or it takes you an hour to just simply open one program. This can seriously demotivate you in your work or just frustrate you while you are trying to relax. The benefits of upgrading your RAM far outweigh the cons when you need your laptop to work fast enough to keep up with your daily life.

2. Faster internet browsing

A slow web browser can put a damper on anything you are trying to do. It can make things that should take you 2 minutes, take almost twice the amount of time. Upgrading your RAM will result in your web browser loading faster, making your google searches and YouTube videos load much quicker.

3. Faster printing

A memory upgrade can make printing a lot quicker. This can be beneficial to people who do a lot of printing at once. A slow printing experience can take up a lot of time, upgrading your RAM for this purpose can just make things easier for you.

4. Enhanced Gaming experience

A laptop with a memory upgrade will result in faster gameplay but also in better graphics so overall it’s beneficial for gamers to upgrade their memory. Your game will never lag and all the images will look good as well.


Upgrading your SSD can make boot times and data transfer much quicker. It is worth it for your computer in the long run. Upgrading your SSD makes life easier and it doesn’t take as much power as your regular HDD. What are the benefits of upgrading your SSD?

1. Speed

The benefits of upgrading your HDD to an SSD are of course again speed, it will speed up your computer, and file opening time is typically 30% faster with an SSD compared to an HDD.

2. It will last longer

Your SSD will also have a higher life expectancy and will last three times longer than an HDD. That means your investment in something that will last you a lot longer.

3. Quiet and less heat

We all know what it sounds like when your laptop becomes too busy, well with an SSD, things will get a lot quieter and also a lot cooler, an SSD will also make your laptop or computer produce less heat while it’s active which means less time for overheating.

4. Size

An SSD is much smaller physically than an HDD and won’t take up so much space within your laptop or Computer.

4. Less risk of losing work

SSDs also have built-in power failure circuitry which helps you not lose your work. There are even SSD that comes with batteries that allow data backups.

Omni Technical solutions can help you upgrade your RAM and SSD for whatever your daily life requires. There are only benefits to upgrading your laptop that will make your life that much easier. Choose us to do that for you!

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