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Repair: Infographics
Motherboard Installation

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You can log a warranty call in one of the following ways

1. Contact Omni Technical Solutions on 012 010 3114
2. Send an email to

The first level of support will be via telephone in order to assess if the customer can be assisted via Telephone support.

Should this not resolve the query a call will be logged and the unit will be collected between 24-72 hours from the customer’s address that they provide:

  • Omni Technical Solutions will send the customer a checklist document to complete or the customer can send images and the fault via email to

  • The customer will complete the checklist form and send it back to Omni Technical Solutions including pictures of the device from all angles.


This is a service that we provide to anyone who has a faulty, damaged, or otherwise non-working piece of IT equipment. Whether it is a laptop, desktop, printer, tablet, projector, server, or mobile device – we will have a look at the faulty unit, assess the damage to see what is wrong and provide a quotation on what is required for your beloved piece of IT equipment to be fully operational once more. The Assessment period takes 2-3 working days once the faulty unit is booked in.

OTS in action
Repair: Welcome

Laptop Repairs

We can repair:

Screens, keyboards, trackpads, hard drives, laptop enclosures & more

Console Repairs

We can repair:

HDMI ports, CD rom & laser repairs & replacements.

Laptop Servicing

We can service:

Thermal Paste replacement, laptop interior cleaning, screens, keyboards, trackpads, hard drives, laptop enclosures & more

Console Servicing

We can do the following:

Complete system diagnostics, all IC's, internal cleaning & more.

Laptop Upgrades

We can upgrade:

RAM & Hard drive if aplicable.

Controller Repairs & Servicing

We can do the following:

Stick drift repairs, overall repairs, diagnostics & troubleshooting.

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