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extended Warranties

At Omni Technical Solutions, we go beyond just selling laptops; we offer peace of mind through our comprehensive extended warranties. For further peace of mind extend your warranty with our 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year extended warranties.


What sets us apart?

We put the end user first! We will collect, repair and deliver your hardware at your convenience. All our extended warranties not only provide extensive coverage for your new laptop or desktop but also include the added benefit of nationwide delivery and pick-up services. No matter where you are in the country, we've got you covered. Trust Omni Technical Solutions to not only protect your investment but also to make the entire process hassle-free.

Please also remember to use our new and easy-to-use Tack & Trace System!


Choose confidence, choose convenience – choose Omni Technical Solutions.

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Registered warranty claims

At Omni Technical Solutions, we offer comprehensive warranty services designed to provide peace of mind for your laptops and tablets. Choose from our flexible 1,2 or 3-year warranty options to safeguard your devices against unexpected issues.

With a commitment to excellence, our expert team ensures that your devices receive prompt attention, quick resolutions, and high-quality service synonymous with the Omni brand. Experience the assurance of reliable warranty coverage and trust us to keep your devices in optimal working condition.

out of warranty claims

Even when your devices fall outside the confines of their original warranty, Omni Technical Solutions continues to be your trusted partner for expert care and service. Our Out-of-Warranty services cover a spectrum of devices, including laptops and tablets, providing the same high standards of excellence that define our warranty offerings. For out-of-warranty laptops and computers, transparency is our priority – we provide detailed quotes upfront, ensuring you have complete control over the repair process. No surprises, just straightforward solutions

Warranty Info

At Omni Technical Solutions (OTS), we're committed to providing reliable IT support. To ensure your devices are covered, remember to register them on our website, If your device is not working within 14 days of purchase, our support team is here to help. For general warranty issues, contact us by phone or email. Keep in mind, that out-of-warranty repairs come with a cost, and we'll get your approval before proceeding. If your device is confirmed faulty during the warranty period, we'll guide you on the next steps, including issuing a replacement if necessary. For a quick resolution, call us or drop us an email anytime. We're here to make your tech experience smooth and hassle-free!

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